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41 Russian and Artsakh Citizens Transferred from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia by Russian Peacekeepers

41 Russian and Artsakh Citizens Transferred from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia by Russian Peacekeepers

The Russian peacekeepers have orchestrated the transfer of 41 individuals, including citizens of Russia and Artsakh, from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. This operation marks a momentary respite in the ongoing blockade's grip on the region.

For the first time in over two months, Russian peacekeepers undertook this transfer on August 21, providing relief to both Russian citizens awaiting transportation and Nagorno-Karabakh students who have enrolled in universities within Armenia and abroad. The move comes after months of restrictions and serves as a glimpse of hope for those affected by the blockade's dire consequences.

The Center for Cooperation with the Russian Peacekeeping Contingent of the Artsakh Government has noted that this transfer, which was successfully executed, is the first of its kind since June 14. However, the journey was not without challenges.

The Azerbaijani side continues to create obstructions, hindering the movement of numerous individuals in multiple directions. In particular, the Center reports that Azerbaijan is causing further distress through the unlawful control and obstacles placed against Artsakh residents. The checkpoint at Hakari Bridge has been a focal point of this friction, with reported incidents of kidnapping, humiliation and media exploitation by Azerbaijani authorities.

Despite these adversities, the government of the Republic of Artsakh remains resolute in its stance. The government insists that unimpeded movement of persons, vehicles, and goods should be restored in both directions along the Lachin Corridor, in line with international agreements and rulings. The ongoing Azerbaijani blockade, in place since late 2022, has resulted in significant humanitarian challenges, with essential supplies blocked and energy services disrupted.


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