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ARFI Crowdfunding Platform Launches Two Promising Business Ventures

ARFI Crowdfunding Platform Launches Two Promising Business Ventures

ARFI, Armenia's pioneering crowdfunding platform, has unveiled its first two business projects seeking investment. This marks a significant milestone as Barekam Logistic Services and Planet Fiber step into the spotlight, inviting potential investors to be part of their innovative ventures.

Barekam Logistic Services, a trailblazer in the Armenian postal and courier services sector, stands as the first organization of its kind in the country to offer international door-to-door solutions. Simultaneously, Planet Fiber, an IT infrastructure provider, brings a unique technological perspective to the ARFI platform.

ARFI CEO Edgar Evoyan shared insights into the platform's global reach, emphasizing that investors from around the world can actively participate in supporting Armenian projects. The inclusion of Barekam Logistic Services and Planet Fiber is just the beginning, with ARFI actively reviewing and considering additional submissions from prospective businesses.

*As ARFI explores new opportunities, Evoyan highlighted their focus on selecting projects that align with their vision and can attract diverse investors. The platform's commitment to encouraging growth and development in Armenia's business landscape is evident, creating a bridge for global investors to engage with innovative Armenian enterprises.

Planet Fiber CEO Armen Hayrapetyan expressed optimism about the collaboration, recognizing ARFI's potential to expand and provide a broader audience for their venture. The crowdfunding platform, by connecting businesses with potential investors, opens avenues for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Barekam Logistic Services, founded in 2017, chose ARFI as a strategic partner due to the increasing demand for its services globally. Narek Mkrtchyan, Founder and Director of Barekam Logistic Services, stated, "As a result of growing demand for our services around the world, we decided to apply to ARFI in order to be able to expand and render more high-quality services." The move aligns with the company's vision to elevate its service offerings to meet the rising global demand.


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