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Armenia Rejects Azerbaijani President's Claims, Calls for Peace Agreement

Armenia Rejects Azerbaijani President's Claims, Calls for Peace Agreement

The Republic of Armenia does not have any territorial claims on any of its neighbors, including Azerbaijan, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said in response to Azerbaijani Presidents claims.

“The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and the amendments to it are an internal affair of Armenia, and we consider the attempts by official Baku to intervene in the internal discussions in Armenia as a gross intervention into the domestic affairs of the country,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“At the same time, we believe that such rhetoric torpedoes the peace process and casts doubts on the sincerity of the leadership of Azerbaijan to achieve peace,” the Ministry said.

“The negotiated peace agreement clearly states that the Parties recognize each other’s territorial integrity and do not have territorial claims against each other. There is also an agreed provision in the draft peace agreement that neither party may invoke its domestic legislation for not implementing its obligations under the peace agreement,” it reminded.

According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry, the signing of the agreement and the ratification through domestic procedures will lay down these principles finally in the agreement.

“Accordingly, we believe that the clearest and most direct way to address all the concerns of the Parties is to sign the agreement, which will open the door to lasting peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” it stated.

“The peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan is ripe enough for signing, and the Armenian side expresses its willingness to work constructively and intensively to complete and sign it within the next month,” the Ministry concluded.


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