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Armenia's Cybersecurity Under Threat, Warns Top Official

Armenia's Cybersecurity Under Threat, Warns Top Official

Armenia finds itself at the 93rd position out of 193 nations in the international cybersecurity ranking, as disclosed by Atom Janjughazyan, the chairman of Armenia's Audit Chamber. This information surfaced during discussions concerning the implementation report of cybersecurity measures at a meeting held by the Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs of the National Assembly on Monday.

Janjughazyan emphasized the pressing issue of Armenia's suboptimal standing in the global cybersecurity landscape, citing weaknesses within the country's institutional organizations responsible for ensuring cybersecurity.

"The institutional entities in charge of upholding cybersecurity within Armenia are presently operating at a deficient capacity," remarked Janjughazyan, shedding light on the lack of preparedness among employees to handle cybersecurity challenges. He highlighted the absence of comprehensive training programs devoted to bolstering the cybersecurity acumen of the workforce, highlighting a critical gap in the country's readiness to navigate such security crises effectively.

Furthermore, the head of the Audit Chamber highlighted a significant deficit in Armenia's ability to monitor cybersecurity threats in real-time. This shortfall in technological infrastructure for proactive threat detection raises concerns about the nation's preparedness to swiftly counter potential cyber risks and attacks.

The disclosure of Armenia's placement in the global cybersecurity ranking sheds light on the urgency to fortify the country's cybersecurity framework. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the imperative to fortify defenses against cyber threats becomes increasingly paramount.

Addressing the identified shortcomings in cybersecurity infrastructure and enhancing the competency of personnel through targeted training programs stand as critical steps in fortifying Armenia's defenses against cyber vulnerabilities.

The revelation by the chairman of the Audit Chamber shows the need for concerted efforts, both in policy formulation and resource allocation, to strengthen Armenia's cybersecurity posture. The government, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, must prioritize the development and implementation of robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard critical infrastructure and protect against potential cyber incursions.

Armenia's position in the global cybersecurity ranking serves as a clarion call for immediate action, urging comprehensive strategies to fortify the nation's resilience against the ever-evolving spectrum of cyber threats that pose significant risks to national security and economic stability.


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