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Armenian Woman to Pashinyan: ‘We Cannot Be Duxov Any Longer’

Armenian Woman to Pashinyan: ‘We Cannot Be Duxov Any Longer’

During Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's visit to Armavir Province, he greeted a group of teachers. As Pashinyan entered the room and shook hands with the teachers, a woman was heard telling the Prime Minister, 'Էլ դուխներս չի հերիքում' – 'El dukhners chi herikum.' Translated, it means, 'We cannot be duxov any longer.'

The context behind the woman's statement to the Prime Minister remains unclear. However, Pashinyan appeared to look back and laughed uncomfortably before proceeding to greet the next person.

During the 2018 Velvet Revolution, Prime Minister Pashinyan frequently used the word 'DUXOV' in his campaign to overthrow the then-government. The term was intended to inspire the Armenian people and instill a sense of strength. However, with the loss of over 5000 young men from the Armenian nation and the challenge to retain control over the homeland of Artsakh, many Armenians express feeling that their strength has waned due to Pashinyan's perceived failure to uphold the spirit, particularly in safeguarding Artsakh.


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