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Azerbaijan Extends Hostage Imprisonment Period for All Eight Armenian Political Prisoners from Artsakh

Azerbaijan Extends Hostage Imprisonment Period for All Eight Armenian Political Prisoners from Artsakh

Azerbaijan has decided to extend the period of hostage imprisonment for several former leaders from Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh. This decision has sparked concerns over human rights and the treatment of political prisoners.

The list of captive former leaders includes ex-Presidents Arkadi Ghukasyan, Bako Sahakyan, and Arayik Harutyunyan, former State Minister Ruben Vardanyan, former Foreign Minister David Babayan, National Assembly Speaker Davit Ishkhanyan, as well as Generals Levon Mnatsakanyan and Davit Manukyan. These individuals, who once held significant positions in Artsakh, are now facing an extended period of captivity.

The extension of the hostage custody was granted by an Azerbaijani court, as reported by local media. Each political prisoner has been subjected to an additional four months of imprisonment, raising questions about the reasons behind such a decision and the impact on diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

It is essential to highlight the potential ramifications of this move on international relations and the ongoing efforts to stop Azerbaijani crimes against Armenians in the region. The decision to extend the imprisonment of these political leaders could further strain the already delicate relationship between the two countries.

The international community is closely monitoring the situation, with concerns being raised about the treatment of these individuals and the implications for human rights. The fact that eight officials, carrying highly national security intelligence, are being held hostage in Baku by the Azerbaijani regime adds a layer of complexity to the situation.

As discussions around this issue unfold, it is crucial to maintain a focus on human rights and the principles of justice. The extended custody of these Armenian political prisoners highlights the importance of diplomatic efforts to address such sensitive matters and find a resolution that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals involved.


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