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Azerbaijan Fires at Armenian Positions in Nerkin Hand – Killing Two Armenian Servicemen and Injuring Others

armenian serviceman and stop sign


The Armenian Defense Ministry is now reporting four casualties and one wounded soldier due to the gunfire from the Azerbaijani armed forces targeting Armenian positions in Syunik's Nerkin Hand village. 

The injured serviceman is currently in moderate condition, and fortunately, his injuries are not life-threatening, according to the latest information from the MoD.

Names of the fallen Armenian soldiers have been released by the Ministry of Defense. The servicemen who lost their lives due to Azerbaijan’s aggression on Armenian combat positions in the Nerkin Hand village sector are:

  • Edvard Harutyunyan (born in 1974)

  • Gagik Manukyan (born in 1982)

  • Arsen Hambardzumyan (born in 1979)

  • Hrachya Hovhannisyan (born in 1957)


BREAKING: On February 13, along the Azerbaijani-Armenian border units of the Azerbaijani armed forces initiated firing towards Armenian combat positions near Nerkin Hand. The incident began at 5:30 a.m. local time and has reportedly resulted in casualties on the Armenian side.

Preliminary information suggests that two individuals have lost their lives in the Azerbaijani attack, with others sustaining injuries. The Ministry of Defence in Armenia has acknowledged the incident.

The early morning fire attack involved small arms and occurred in the vicinity of Nerkin Hand, intensifying the ongoing aggression towards Armenia. The specifics surrounding the casualties and the circumstances of the incident are currently unknown.

The Armenian Ministry of Defence is actively monitoring the situation and is expected to provide the public with further updates. 


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