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Diaspora Armenians Investing in Armenian Military Industry, Says Minister

Diaspora Armenians Investing in Armenian Military Industry, Says Minister

Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, the Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia, highlighted the increasing involvement of the Armenian diaspora in the development of Armenia's military industrial complex. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Minister Hayrapetyan emphasized the growing trend of targeted engagement from professionals and scientists within the diaspora.

According to the minister, there is a noticeable dynamic in this growth, indicating a substantial contribution from diaspora Armenians. He explained that it goes beyond just attracting human capital; there is a significant influx of new resources and investments flowing into small companies involved in Armenia's military sector.

"These investments are not merely financial; they represent a commitment to the defense and security of Armenia," Hayrapetyan noted. He highlighted that diaspora Armenians are actively investing in companies that supply equipment and technology to the Armenian armed forces, thereby bolstering the nation's defense capabilities.

The minister's remarks show the deepening connection between the Armenian diaspora and the homeland, particularly in strategic sectors such as defense and technology. The diaspora's increasing participation in Armenia's military industry development reflects a shared commitment to safeguarding the country's sovereignty and security.

Hayrapetyan also acknowledged the valuable expertise and resources that diaspora Armenians bring to the table, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and partnership in driving innovation and growth in Armenia's high-tech and defense sectors.

As Armenia continues to strengthen its military capabilities and technological infrastructure, the support and involvement of the diaspora play a pivotal role in advancing national security objectives. The minister expressed gratitude for the diaspora's ongoing contributions and reaffirmed the government's commitment to building closer ties with Armenians around the world for the collective prosperity and security of Armenia.


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