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Vardan Ghukasyan, aka Dog, Expelled from the Public Voice Party

Vardan Ghukasyan, Vardan Ghukasyan, aka Dog, Expelled from the Public Voice Partyaka Dog, Expelled from the Public Voice Party

U.S.-based Armenian blogger Vardan Ghukasyan, popularly known as "Dog," has been expelled from the "Public Voice" Party, as revealed in a statement by the party on Thursday. The decision was made during a management board meeting, where it was disclosed that Ghukasyan, also a board member, holds Russian citizenship and is registered in Kaliningrad, Russia. According to party statutes, acquiring citizenship from another country results in the termination of party membership.

The expulsion extended to 11 other board members who voluntarily chose to leave the party. Responding to his removal, Ghukasyan, who is the founder of "Public Voice," declared that if he is not part of the party, it will cease to exist. He attributed the issue to government interference, accusing officials of attempting to dismantle the party.

Ghukasyan accused Artak Galstyan, a member of the party, of colluding with authorities to oust him. Galstyan, who is currently in a penitentiary, allegedly violated agreements by not resigning from the Yerevan City Council. Ghukasyan contested the legality of his removal, claiming that the party charter requires at least 17 members to gather for a decision, which he alleges did not occur.

Expressing his determination to unite the party, Ghukasyan announced plans to conduct a meeting on January 19 at the Marriott Armenia Hotel. The meeting aims to decide the party's future, determining whether members align with him or Artak Galstyan. As the controversy unfolds, Ghukasyan vows to resist government interference and uphold the integrity of "Public Voice."


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