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VIDEO Interviews: Voskepar Residents Reject Concessions and Voice Determination to Defend Their Homes

Interviews: Voskepar Residents Reject Concessions and Voice Determination to Defend Their Homes

Exclusive Interviews: During a recent visit to Voskepar in Tavush Province, The Armenian Report's correspondent Ani Khachatryan gathered interviews reflecting the unwavering resolve of the local community to protect their homeland amidst escalating border tensions.


Residents of Voskepar emphasized their steadfast commitment to retaining every inch of their ancestral lands, resolutely opposing any potential concessions to Azerbaijan. They highlighted the significance of the territories, homes, churches, and cemeteries that would fall under Azerbaijani control if the government were to concede.

Speaking to The Armenian Report, an elderly resident recounted the distressing reality of Azerbaijan's aggression, citing instances of gunfire targeting livestock and the recent killing of one of his horses. The community expressed a collective plea to the ruling government, urging them not to subject residents to threats or intimidation.

Another resident, clad in military attire, issued a stark warning, suggesting that in the event of a lost war, military personnel are expected to hold their commanding officers accountable. Amidst uncertainty and distrust, another resident admitted to grappling with conflicting narratives.

Residents also revealed government attempts to offer financial compensation in exchange for their homes. However, they adamantly rejected monetary incentives, asserting their desire to remain in their homes and seeking a dignified resolution to the ongoing crisis.

Despite the looming specter of conflict, the residents of Voskepar stand prepared to defend their homeland with unwavering resolve. Their readiness to take up arms shows the gravity of the situation and the depth of their commitment to safeguarding their ancestral lands.


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