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Pashinyan Revisits Tavush Border Villages to Discuss Land Transfer to Azerbaijan

Updated: Apr 17

Pashinyan Revisits Tavush Border Villages to Discuss Land Transfer to Azerbaijan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has traveled back to the four villages in the northeastern part of Armenia to resume discussions with residents regarding the potential transfer of land to Azerbaijan. The meetings, held on Wednesday, aimed to address concerns raised by residents who would be directly impacted by the proposed handover of territory.


Last month, Pashinyan indicated his willingness to surrender to Baku's demands for the withdrawal of Armenian forces from four villages that were under Azerbaijani occupation during the Soviet era but were taken back by Armenian forces in 1991-1992. This move has sparked significant controversy and opposition within Armenia.

During his previous meeting with residents of the affected villages, Pashinyan refrained from conditioning the handover on the liberation of Armenian territories currently occupied by Azerbaijani forces. Instead, he warned of the possibility of renewed conflict if Armenia did not comply with Baku's demands unconditionally.

The prime minister's stance has faced strong condemnation from opposition figures and activists, who argue that conceding the villages would not only result in territorial losses but also compromise Armenia's strategic military positions and control over vital transportation routes.

Local residents expressed concerns about losing access to their land and becoming more vulnerable to Azerbaijani attacks if the handover proceeds. However, Pashinyan and his political allies have sought to reassure villagers, promising to address their grievances and uphold Armenia's interests in negotiations with Azerbaijan.

Following closed-door meetings with residents of Voskepar, Kirants, and Berkaber, Pashinyan refrained from providing further comments to the media. However, a participant from Voskepar reported that the prime minister assured them of the government's efforts to secure favorable outcomes for Armenia in negotiations with Azerbaijan.

In a video shared on his official Facebook account, Pashinyan emphasized the necessity of making sacrifices for the nation's sake during border demarcation processes. He emphasized the importance of maintaining Armenia's independence and sovereignty amidst challenging circumstances.

Meanwhile, Pashinyan's spokesperson, Nazeli Baghdasarian, issued a statement denying any unofficial statements attributed to the prime minister after his meetings with villagers. Baghdasarian emphasized that only statements confirmed by the prime minister or official state bodies should be regarded as authoritative.

Pashinyan was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan, responsible for negotiations with Azerbaijan on border issues, as well as Minister of Territorial Administration Gnel Sanosyan and Police Chief Vahe Ghazaryan during his visits to the border communities.


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