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PM Pashinyan Grills Officials Over Unfinished School Volleyball Nets

PM Pashinyan Grills Officials Over Unfinished School Volleyball Nets

On the second day of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's ongoing scrutiny, frustration brewed as government officials and school representatives failed to properly install volleyball nets funded by the government in public schools.

Pashinyan, surrounded by officials, stood in a school gymnasium, pressing them about the absence of the volleyball net and the reason behind its incomplete installation. As various individuals attempted to explain, the Prime Minister visibly grew increasingly agitated by their responses.

A specific individual was called forward by an official to explain the intended installation process for the future volleyball net in the school gymnasium.

Questioning the transformation of the gym from a basketball to a volleyball court, Pashinyan inquired about the positioning and absence of the pole for installation. He probed into safety measures, questioning how the pole stand on the ground would be covered to prevent injuries to children when the volleyball net is not in place.

Continuing to scold the officials, the PM emphasized that a proper installation should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes, insisting on a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

Later that day, Pashinyan dismissed the Governor of Armavir from his position. During the exchange, the Governor explained the plan to install the volleyball net without drilling into the ground, opting for a wall-mounted pole. Pashinyan raised concerns about potential floor damage, seeking assurance that this method would not cause harm, which he received.

Pashinyan stressed the importance of addressing even the smallest issues, instructing school principals to report each concern individually, asserting, "Even the most minimal issue must be addressed," in his concluding remarks.


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