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Samvel Shahramanyan Appointed Artsakh State Minister

Samvel Shahramanyan Appointed Artsakh State Minister

Samvel Sergey Shahramanyan, the Secretary of the Security Council, has been appointed as the State Minister of Artsakh, assuming a position of substantial authority. The announcement of this appointment was made public on the Facebook page of Arayik Harutyunyan, the President of Artsakh.

President Harutyunyan expressed his rationale behind selecting Shahramanyan, citing the qualities of principledness, flexibility, and extensive experience in various high-level positions. These attributes, Harutyunyan noted, are directly linked to national security and effective state administration.

"When choosing Samvel Shahramanyan, I took into account his principledness, flexibility, his work experience in various responsible positions and accumulated knowledge, which are directly related to both national security and state administration," President Harutyunyan emphasized.

This appointment marks a pivotal moment in the governance of Artsakh and reflects the Republic’s commitment to adapting to the evolving challenges and needs of its citizens.

In tandem with the appointment of Samvel Shahramanyan, the former State Minister of Artsakh, Gurgen Nersisyan, was relieved of his post through a decree issued by President Harutyunyan.

The changes in leadership and responsibilities come at a time of transition for Artsakh as it seeks to address pressing issues and navigate a complex geopolitical environment. Samvel Shahramanyan's appointment as State Minister is expected to bring new perspectives and strategies to the forefront as the region continues its path toward stability and development.


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