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Samvel Shahramanyan Elected President of Artsakh

Samvel Shahramanyan Elected President of Artsakh

In a significant political development, Samvel Shahramanyan has been elected as the President of Artsakh. The election took place with overwhelming support from the Republic’s parliament.

The chairman of the counting committee for Artsakh's Parliament announced that 22 deputies voted in favor of Shahramanyan, while only one voted against him. This resounding vote of confidence underscores the parliamentary backing for the newly elected President.

This election comes in the wake of the resignation of the former President of Artsakh, Arayik Harutyunyan, who officially stepped down on August 31. Following his resignation, Arayik Harutyunyan submitted his formal resignation to the Artsakh Parliament on September 1.

Prior to his resignation, President Harutyunyan had appointed Samvel Shahramanyan as the Minister of State of Artsakh, transferring significant responsibilities to him.

Shahramanyan has a history of close association with former Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan, having served as the director of the Artsakh National Security Service during Sahakyan's presidency.

The path to Shahramanyan's election gained momentum when, on August 29, 2023, President Arayik Harutyunyan expressed his intention to resign from his position and join Artsakh's militia. This decision was followed by his formal resignation on August 31, along with State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan.

On September 6, 2023, it was revealed that three opposition parliamentary factions, including Justice, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, and the Democratic Party of Artsakh, had nominated Shahramanyan as their presidential candidate. Subsequently, Shahramanyan's candidacy garnered support from the largest faction in the Parliament, Free Motherland-UCA.

In the presidential election held on September 9, 2023, Shahramanyan stood as the sole candidate and secured a decisive victory with a vote of 22 in favor and only one opposing vote out of the 23 deputies present.

As Shahramanyan assumes the presidency, he faces significant challenges and responsibilities in a region marked by historical complexities and ongoing geopolitical concerns. His election marks a pivotal moment in Artakh's political landscape, and the international community will be closely watching his tenure and the developments that unfold under his leadership.


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