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Serj Tankian and Artak Beglaryan Discuss Nagorno-Karabakh Humanitarian Crisis in Interview with BBC

Serj Tankian and Artak Beglaryan Discuss Nagorno-Karabakh Humanitarian Crisis in Interview with BBC

In a recent interview with BBC World News, Serj Tankian, the frontman of the iconic band System Of A Down, and Artak Beglaryan, former Adviser to the State Minister of Artsakh and former Human Rights Defender of Artsakh, shed light on the dire humanitarian situation in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), urging international action to address the devastating Azerbaijani blockade.

Tankian and Beglaryan emphasized the urgent need for the international community to respond by imposing sanctions on Azerbaijan and facilitating the deployment of United Nations peacekeepers to avert a potential humanitarian catastrophe akin to the Armenian Genocide.

The interview delved into the blockade of the Lachin Corridor and the profound humanitarian crisis that has arisen due to the illegal actions of the Azerbaijani government.

Tankian raised concerns over allegations of Azerbaijan's efforts to influence European legislators, an issue commonly referred to as "Caviar Diplomacy." He also highlighted how Baku leverages its oil supplies to advance its agenda.

Beglaryan underlined the geopolitical underpinnings of the Artsakh conflict, emphasizing that the Artsakhtsis have become collateral victims of the escalating conflict between Russia and the West.

Tankian drew attention to the economic interests the United Kingdom has in Azerbaijan, particularly through British Petroleum, suggesting that these interests might be influencing the UK's stance on Azerbaijan. He called on the British government to utilize its influence to compel Azerbaijan to prevent genocide and starvation in Artsakh.

The musician also recounted an incident involving a humanitarian aid convoy comprising ten trucks, accompanied by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. The convoy attempted to access Artsakh via the Lachin corridor at the Kornidzor border section but was denied entry.

Serj Tankian and Artak Beglaryan's interview with BBC serves as a poignant call to action, urging the international community to take concrete steps to alleviate the worsening humanitarian crisis in Artsakh and address the complex dynamics underlying the conflict.

Watch the full interview here:


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