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Star Studded Red Carpet Event in Yerevan for the Comedy Movie, “Bari Or” (“Good Day”)

Updated: Mar 1

Star Studded Red Carpet Event in Yerevan for the Comedy Movie, “Bari Or” (“Good Day”)

The movie “Bari Or” translated “Good Day" introduces the extraordinary life of Hendrik, an ordinary taxi driver whose world takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself stuck in a perpetual time loop, reliving October 14th for a decade. Released in theaters on February 29, the film brings humor and a thought-provoking narrative that challenges societal norms.

The film premiered at Yerevan’s prestigious Moscow cinema, with the red carpet ceremony setting the stage for an evening filled with anticipation and excitement. Grigor Gasparyan, one of the directors, shared insights before the screening, attributing the film's inception to producer Amaras Gasparyan. Drawing inspiration from the concept of a repeated day seen in classics like "Arjamkan Day" translated “Groundhog Day,” the team decided to craft a feature film centered around the beloved character of taxi driver Hendo, portrayed by Mher Mkhitaryan.

Arman Sargsyan, the co-director, emphasized their collaborative efforts with the screenwriters, ensuring a delicate balance in portraying the time loop phenomena. He highlighted the film's underlying message about the importance of self-reflection, purpose, and the consequences of one's actions.

Lead actor Mher Mkhitaryan shared that if faced with a time loop, he would embark on a journey similar to his character's, fostering a profound reassessment of life and gaining fresh perspectives. Mkhitaryan expressed hope that the movie could bring about positive changes in how taxi drivers are perceived.

Rosie Avetisova, who plays Hendrik's wife, navigated the challenge of repeating scenes by focusing on portraying authentic relationships. Avetisova believes that everyone, at some point, undergoes a reassessment of priorities based on personal experiences, national events, or global phenomena.

Newcomers Nanul and Vardan Kocharyan, part of the film's ensemble, found the experience gratifying and expressed excitement for future roles. Nanul, making her debut, described starring in "Bari Or" as a thrilling experience, while Vardan Kocharyan, despite previous work in sitcoms and commercials, found the opportunity to act alongside talented performers to be truly delightful.

The film also features notable performances by Garik Martirosyan, Iveta Mukuchyan, Arkady Dumikyan, and others. The creative team aspires to showcase the comedy "Bari Or" not only in Armenia but also to its vast diaspora internationally, spreading its universal themes of reflection and redemption to a global audience. 


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