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TUMO Centers Expand to Three Japanese Cities

TUMO Centers Expand to Three Japanese Cities

The innovative TUMO centers are set to broaden their reach as plans for their establishment in three Japanese cities - Maebashi, Takasaki, and Kusatsu - are unveiled. The initiative, aimed at fostering creative and technological skills among youth, is gaining momentum beyond Armenia's borders, according to Vice-Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly, Hakob Arshakyan.

A significant step toward this expansion was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between TUMO Development Director, Bekor Papazyan, and Gunma's Deputy Governor, Keichi Uruga. The memorandum solidifies the collaborative effort to bring TUMO centers and learning modules, known as "TUMO boxes," to the aforementioned cities in Japan.

Arshakyan underscored the significance of this achievement, noting that the commitment to establish TUMO centers in Japan was initially articulated during his productive visit to the country in September 2022. The forthcoming TUMO centers are poised to contribute to a dynamic educational landscape, further enhancing cross-cultural cooperation in the realms of technology and creativity.

As TUMO continues to transcend borders, its expansion into Japan reflects a shared commitment to empower young minds with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, fostering a new generation of innovators and creators.


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