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US Ambassador Praises PM Pashinyan’s Reforms and Stresses Support for Armenia Amid Peace Talks

US Ambassador Praises PM Pashinyan’s Reforms and Stresses Support for Armenia Amid Peace Talks

In a virtual press briefing, Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Ambassador James O’Brien lauded the reforms initiated by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, emphasizing their positive impact on the nation's citizens. During the briefing, O’Brien discussed Armenia's peace negotiations with Azerbaijan and highlighted the potential benefits of the European Peace Facility, signaling the United States' commitment to supporting Armenia's reforms and development.

Addressing questions regarding the European Peace Facility and its potential collaboration with NATO to bolster Armenia's cooperation, O’Brien deferred specific discussions to his EU counterparts. However, he commended Prime Minister Pashinyan's boldness in steering Armenia towards greater engagement with the West, aiming to reduce dependency on Russia, a stance different from past leadership.

"Prime Minister Pashinyan has been very courageous, has made clear that he wants Armenia to move forward in opening its borders and in opening its relations with the West, that it doesn’t want Armenia to be wholly dependent on Russia in the way that previous leaders sought to have it be," remarked O’Brien during the briefing.

O’Brien expressed optimism regarding the reforms undertaken by Pashinyan's government, highlighting their potential to encourage Armenian citizens and sustain the nation's recent economic growth. He praised Pashinyan for advocating a peace agreement with Azerbaijan, viewing it as a means for Armenia to concentrate on economic development, fortify security ties, and broaden trade across regions, particularly from Central Asia to Turkey.

"Prime Minister Pashinyan has also been a bold voice for a peace agreement with Azerbaijan as a way of allowing Armenia to focus on its economic development, to build out its security relationships, and to expand trade from Central Asia through to Turkey," stated O’Brien.

Emphasizing the commitment of the United States to collaborate with European partners and the Armenian government, O’Brien stressed the importance of supporting Armenia to ensure its people benefit from the ongoing reforms initiated by the Pashinyan administration.

"Any package that is supportive of Armenia is something to be welcomed; exactly how the EU chooses to get there will be its business. But we are committed to working with our European partners and with the government in Armenia to see that the people of Armenia are able to benefit from the reform policies that the Pashinyan government has undertaken," O’Brien affirmed.

Ambassador O’Brien's remarks show the United States' recognition of Prime Minister Pashinyan.


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