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We at The Armenian Report are committed to making our website a place for everyone, which includes planning for accessibility in our design and the technology we use for our website.

Our team regularly evaluates and reassesses The Armenian Report website’s accessibility to our readers. If you have any questions or feedback for our team, then please contact us and specify any section of our website needing our attention.


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Accessibility Technology Considerations


Our website is built with, Inc. which utilizes the latest technology solutions for accessibility.

  • Full Keyboard Functionality - From small buttons to comprehensive online stores, Wix products are operable with a keyboard, which includes The Armenian Report website.

  • Automatic DOM Order - The DOM is automatically arranged so visitors who use keyboards and screen readers can navigate your site (from left to right). This is standard with Wix websites.

  • Correct Semantics - Components on The Armenian Report site have the correct semantics built in so people with disabilities can better understand our content.

  • Smart Focus Ring - Smart focus rings automatically appear when a keyboard is being used and feature dual colors, so keyboard users better navigate our website.

Accessibility Design Considerations

In our effort to create an accessible website, we have implemented the following into our design.

  • Robust Headlines to guide the user reading our content.

  • Organizing website hierarchy to help browsers and screen readers understand how to present the content on our website.

  • User friendly design flow of content for ease of navigation.

  • Contrast between our colors to ensure readability.

  • Meta Data and descriptions added to our pages for screen readers.

  • Alt text accurately describing all images across our website.

Image by Levon Vardanyan

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