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AGBU Boys Basketball Team Wins Again, Advancing to Semi-final

AGBU Boys Basketball Team

Armenian school AGBU MDS Titans Varsity Boys Basketball team brought a large crowd out on Valentine’s Day to watch them win big and advance to the semi-finals.

The group of Armenian seniors did not disappoint once again beating #12 ranked Adelanto High school by 42-36.

The Armenian Report was present at the game and spoke with the head coach Nareg Kopooshian immediately following the home game win.

“We played against a very well coached, athletic, fast paced team tonight. We know that nobody thinks that we’re going to win and that drives us. We are always counted out, and that’s why we are so good,” said Kopooshian.

But the coach tells us his team was prepared despite being concerned with the opposing teams’ speed and athleticism.

“We prepared all day yesterday. We worked on our offense because we knew the guys were going to speed us up. But our guys came through. We are trying to push it as far as we can go,” said the coach with determination.

The young coach is extremely confident with his group of talented players. He tells them every single day to ‘go shock the world’.

“The reason why we are successful is because my players are disciplined. It’s all about discipline for us. We are not the most athletic, the talent, the biggest — but we are disciplined and that’s why we came out with a win today,” described Kopooshian.

The Armenian Report also spoke with #23 point guard, Michael Martirossian who told us he would much rather be representing Armenians on the court than celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Martirossian contributes the team’s success to their coach for instilling discipline in them on and off the court.

“Everything the coach has taught us about discipline on the court has transferred off the court — grades, turning in homework on time, making my bed, staying organized. Every aspect of life,” said the young basketball player.

AGBU plays the #1 seed, Rancho Christian in the semi-final this Friday in Temecula.

They also qualified for the state tournament with tonight’s win.


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