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Archbishop Bagrat Thanks Armenian Diaspora for Overwhelming Support

Updated: May 9

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Archbishop Bagrat gives interview to The Armenian Report

On May 8, the 'Tavush for the Homeland' movement, spearheaded by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan of the Tavush Diocese, reached the city of Abovyan. This grassroots movement, which began on April 19 in the villages of Tavush, has garnered widespread attention and support, particularly from the Armenian diaspora worldwide.


Our reporter, Ani Khachatryan, who has been closely following the movement from its inception and living among the participants, shared a warm moment with Archbishop Bagrat during a scheduled interview. Despite requests for an English interview, Archbishop Bagrat chose to speak in Armenian, emphasizing the deep-rooted cultural connections of the movement.

During the interview, Archbishop Bagrat expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from the Armenian diaspora. He highlighted the broader significance of the movement, noting that it resonates not just locally but globally among Armenians. The Archbishop also addressed the internal conflicts affecting families within the diaspora, attributing these tensions to the current political situation in Armenia.

Simultaneously, another significant development unfolded as Archbishop Mikael Adjapahyan of the northwestern Shirak region initiated a separate march from Gyumri. His group plans to converge with Archbishop Bagrat's marchers as they approach Yerevan. This show of unity shows the widespread clerical support for the movement, further bolstered by the Diocese of Artsakh. Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan of Artsakh has also called upon his followers to join the protests, reflecting a collective clerical stance against the controversial border delimitation deal with Azerbaijan.

The protesters, now joined by multiple groups and leaders from various regions, plan to make their presence felt in Yerevan on Thursday, May 9. The Armenian Report will continue to provide live coverage of these unfolding events on its YouTube channel, offering real-time updates and insights into this significant movement.

As these marches progress, they not only represent a protest against specific political issues but also a reaffirmation of Armenian unity and identity. Be sure to follow our live coverage for the latest updates on this historic movement.



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