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Arman Tatoyan Warns Against Handover of Tavush Villages to Azerbaijan

Arman Tatoyan Warns Against Handover of Tavush Villages to Azerbaijan

Former Armenian Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan has raised concerns over the recent discussions regarding the possible transfer of four Armenian border villages in Tavush Province to Azerbaijan. In a statement posted on Facebook on Tuesday, Tatoyan condemned the notion, emphasizing that the ongoing developments in Tavush are not related to border delimitation or demarcation.

According to Tatoyan, the situation unfolding in Tavush represents an illegal process that contradicts international norms. He warned that such actions could result in widespread human rights violations and compromise regional security. Tatoyan expressed apprehension that Azerbaijan may not stop with the handover of these villages, potentially leading to further destabilization in the region.

Arman Tatoyan Warns Against Handover of Tavush Villages to Azerbaijan

The former ombudsman outlined several potential consequences of Azerbaijan's increased presence near Tavush communities. He cautioned that the deployment of Azerbaijani soldiers could isolate these communities and render certain sections of the interstate road unsafe for travel. Moreover, Tatoyan argued that proposed alternative routes would fail to adequately address these challenges, particularly jeopardizing communication along the Armenian-Georgian border.

Tatoyan highlighted the strategic significance of the affected areas, noting that key infrastructure and resources could fall under Azerbaijan's control or become targets for aggression. He expressed concern for the well-being of local residents, citing the potential displacement of individuals and loss of access to vital resources such as pastures and arable land. Additionally, Tatoyan stressed the detrimental impact on the overall peace and dignity of the affected population.

In conclusion, Tatoyan drew parallels between the situation in Tavush and similar issues faced by other Armenian provinces. He warned of the looming threat of Azerbaijani hostilities and highlighted the urgent need to address the unfolding crisis in order to safeguard the security and rights of those living in Tavush and neighboring regions.


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