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Armenia and UAE Sign Visa Exemption Protocol

Armenia and UAE Sign Visa Exemption Protocol

Armenia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ararat Mirzoyan visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) marked a historic moment with the signing of the Protocol on the mutual exemption of visa requirements for citizens of both the Republic of Armenia and the United Arab Emirates.

Previously, the visa liberalization arrangement had been applicable exclusively to individuals holding diplomatic passports. However, the newly signed protocol expands this exemption to encompass citizens holding ordinary passports, facilitating more accessible travel for a broader range of individuals.

It is worth noting that this protocol will come into effect following the completion of all necessary domestic procedures by both Armenia and the United Arab Emirates, ensuring the smooth implementation of this visa exemption agreement.

This move is expected to enhance people-to-people interactions, boost tourism, and foster closer ties between Armenia and the UAE. The signing of this protocol reflects the commitment of both nations to promote stronger bilateral relations and facilitate easier travel opportunities for their citizens.


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