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Armenia Clarifies Stance on Russian Military Base and CSTO Membership

Armenia Clarifies Stance on Russian Military Base and CSTO Membership

Armenia's Deputy Foreign Minister, Mnatsakan Safaryan, affirmed on Thursday that the removal of the Russian military base from Gyumri, Armenia, and the country's departure from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) are not currently under consideration.

Addressing concerns raised by Russian MP Konstantin Zatulin regarding the potential withdrawal of the Russian military base and Armenia's exit from the CSTO and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Deputy FM Safaryan clarified Armenia's position during a briefing with reporters.

"At this phase and at this moment, issues of removing the Russian military base from Armenia or withdrawing Armenia from the CSTO are not on Armenia’s agenda," stated Safaryan, emphasizing that the relationship between Armenia and Russia continues. He acknowledged existing disagreements on certain matters but highlighted ongoing efforts to address and respond to these issues through dialogue and cooperation.

Responding to inquiries about the current status of Armenian-Russian relations amidst mutual criticisms voiced by officials from both countries, Deputy FM Safaryan characterized the relationship as a "working relationship." He acknowledged differences but stressed the commitment to resolving them through continued engagement.

Safaryan also shed light on Armenia's participation in CSTO events, indicating that the country makes decisions regarding such involvements based on pragmatic considerations.

In response to statements suggesting a change in Armenia's political orientation, particularly from Russia's perspective, Safaryan emphasized that while Russia may hold its views, Armenia has communicated its perspectives on the matter.

"Those are their views; we have informed about our views in that regard," Safaryan affirmed, indicating that Armenia's policies are aligned with its own interests and strategic objectives.

The remarks by Armenia's Deputy Foreign Minister come amidst discussions and speculations about the nation's geopolitical alliances and relationships, emphasizing Armenia's current stance on maintaining its engagement within the CSTO framework and the presence of the Russian military base in Gyumri. These statements provide clarity on Armenia's position regarding these critical geopolitical matters.


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