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Armenia Greenlights Pact for Technico-Military Collaboration with Greece

Armenia Greenlights Pact for Technico-Military Collaboration with Greece

The Armenian government gave the green-light to a technico-military cooperation agreement with the Greek government. The accord outlines key areas of collaboration, emphasizing research in cutting-edge military technologies, joint development and production efforts, and the enhancement of defense capabilities, all aligned with the national laws of both nations.

Notable aspects of the agreement encompass technology transfer, technical assistance in manufacturing weaponry, ammunition, and explosives, as well as the exchange of knowledge and expertise in these domains. Additionally, provisions address joint ventures for military equipment production and other collaborative initiatives as agreed upon by both parties.

The comprehensive agreement delves into the specifics of technico-military cooperation, encompassing the training of technical personnel and services related to the maintenance and operation of military equipment produced by third countries. To oversee the implementation of the agreement and foster bilateral collaboration, an Armenian-Greek commission is slated for establishment.


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