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Armenia Joins International Solar Alliance to Spearhead Green Energy Efforts

Armenia Joins International Solar Alliance to Spearhead Green Energy Efforts

Armenia has taken a decisive step in the fight against climate change and the expansion of renewable energy sources by signing the Framework Agreement on the Establishment of the International Solar Alliance. The official signing ceremony, held on November 16 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, marked the country's commitment to this global initiative, as announced by the foreign ministry in a recent statement.

The signing ceremony was attended by Gnel Sanosyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia, along with the Ambassadors of co-founding nations of the International Solar Alliance – Ambassador Olivier Decottignies of France and Ambassador Nilakshi Saha Sinha of India.

Armenia Joins International Solar Alliance to Spearhead Green Energy Efforts

Deputy Foreign Minister Mnatsakan Safaryan represented Armenia in signing the Agreement, and the original signed copies were officially transferred to Ambassador Nilakshi Saha Sinha, representing India as the Depositary State of the Agreement.

The Agreement will proceed through an internal ratification process and is set to enter into force on the thirtieth day after Armenia submits its instrument of ratification to the Depositary.

Armenia's decision to join the International Solar Alliance shows its commitment to combating climate change, advancing renewable energy resources, and ensuring energy access and security, as highlighted in the official statement released by the foreign ministry.

The International Solar Alliance, a joint initiative of India and France, originated in 2015 during the 21st Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris. In 2020, the Alliance amended its Framework Agreement, allowing all UN member states the opportunity to become part of this collaborative effort. Presently, 116 countries have signed the Framework Agreement, with 94 having submitted necessary ratification documents to attain full membership. The Alliance operates under the Assembly, convening annually at the ministerial level of member states, and is headquartered in India.

Armenia's increasing focus on renewable energy aligns with its strategic energy development program, with solar energy being a particular area of emphasis. Presently, more than 5% of Armenia's total electricity output is generated from solar plants. By 2030, Armenia's energy development strategy aims to elevate the contribution of solar energy to 15 percent of the total energy output.


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