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Armenia Negotiating to Join Iran's Chabahar Port, Gaining Access to India and Asia

the international Port of Shahid Beheshti in chabahar with cargo ships, iran
The international Port of Shahid Beheshti in chabahar with cargo ships, Iran

In a bid to foster stronger ties with India and other Asian nations, Armenia is actively engaged in discussions to join Iran's Chabahar Port, a key maritime hub facilitating trade in the region. Mnatsakan Safaryan, the Armenian deputy foreign minister, revealed the nation's aspirations in an interview with The Economic Times, outlining Armenia's plans for enhanced connectivity and economic collaboration.

Armenia's interest in the Chabahar Port stems from its desire for streamlined linkages between the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and the port. "We are in talks to join the port and hope that the connectivity between the Chabahar Port and INSTC is completed soon. There are indications that this link will be concluded within a year," stated Safaryan, underlining the nation's eagerness for swift progress.

This move comes in the context of a trilateral alliance comprising India, Iran, and Armenia. Earlier this year, representatives from these nations convened in the Armenian capital Yerevan to discuss economic ventures and regional communication channels. Armenia has proposed the creation of a Persian Gulf-Black Sea corridor via Iran, parallel to INSTC or as a new branch, aiming to connect Indian traders with Russia and Europe.

Additionally, Armenia's government has introduced the 'Crossroads of Peace' project, emphasizing communication development among regional countries as a cornerstone of the peace agenda. This initiative is expected to yield substantial benefits for the broader region, particularly India, fostering economic growth and mutual cooperation.

Highlighting the burgeoning partnership between Armenia and India, Safaryan stated, "We are very similar in many ways." The construction sector in Armenia is currently experiencing a boom, with discussions underway for Indian companies to execute projects in the country. Furthermore, there has been a notable increase in the number of Indians working in Armenia, prompting talks to regulate mobility issues between the two nations.

Armenia and India are also exploring the prospect of launching direct flights, potentially materializing in the coming year. Another promising avenue for collaboration lies in the information technology sector. Both nations boast a wealth of human capital in this field, and professionals from India and Armenia are actively exploring opportunities for cooperation, particularly in renowned technology hubs like Silicon Valley.


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