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Armenia Ready for Talks; Azerbaijan Proposes Border Negotiations

Government representatives from Armenia and Azerbaijan have expressed their readiness for negotiations concerning a peace treaty. Hakob Arshakyan, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, conveyed Armenia's willingness to engage in discussions with Azerbaijan during a media briefing at the NA on Tuesday.

Arshakyan informed reporters about the exchange of various drafts of the peace treaty, emphasizing the continuous communication between the two countries' foreign ministries. "Furthermore, various drafts of the peace treaty are being exchanged, and our foreign ministry constantly gives comments on it and announces in case of news. The document with proposals comes to Yerevan, from Yerevan it goes with proposals to Baku," he stated.

Encouraging individuals to follow the Armenian foreign ministry for updates, Arshakyan assured that the ministry would provide necessary comments whenever required. He highlighted Armenia's consistent willingness to engage in negotiations, emphasizing its active participation in discussions on platforms it considers effective.

In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Azerbaijan issued a press statement calling upon Armenia to engage in talks at the state border to discuss the ongoing peace process. The Azerbaijani media reported the MFA's stance on the matter.

The Azerbaijan MFA expressed its preparedness for direct bilateral negotiations with Armenia to finalize the peace agreement swiftly.

Stressing the need for mutual cooperation in selecting an appropriate venue for negotiations or meeting at the state border, the Azerbaijan MFA urged Armenia to avoid unnecessary delays. Azerbaijan says it hopes for a positive response from Armenia, fostering the resumption of negotiations in the near future.


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