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Armenia Reveals Top 10 Names of 2023 for Boys and Girls

Armenia Reveals Top 10 Names of 2023 for Boys and Girls

According to Armenia's National Statistical Committee, Armenia celebrates the most popular names given to its newborns in the year 2023. Nare, for girls, and Davit, for boys, emerged as the reigning favorites among the many choices.

A total of 17,213 girls and 19,052 boys were welcomed into Armenian families in the previous year, each one carrying a unique name selected with love and anticipation.

For baby girls, the top ten names were: Nare claimed the top spot with an impressive 747 occurrences, followed by Arpi (616), Maria (522), Lusi (401), Mane (369), Mari (365), Yeva (362), Luse (360), Angelina (325), and Anna (320). 

On the boys' side, Davit stood proudly at the pinnacle with an impressive 1,251 newborns named after this timeless classic. The list continued with Narek (906), Hayk (602), Mark (570), Tigran (559), Areg (518), Monte (514), Mikayel (512), Robert (486), and Leo (444). 

Here's to the little Nares and Davits, and to the beautiful diversity of names that color the cradle of Armenian life.


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