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Armenia's Defense Ministry Addresses Armament Issues with Russia: Progress Made, but Challenges Persist

Armenia's Defense Ministry Addresses Armament Issues with Russia: Progress Made, but Challenges Persist

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Armenia has provided an update on the longstanding armament issues with Russian companies, indicating that a significant portion of the problems has been resolved. The MoD acknowledged progress in addressing the concerns while refraining from specifying whether this resolution pertains to supplies within the $400 million framework.

Since the conclusion of the second Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) war in 2020, Armenian authorities had raised grievances about the non-receipt of weapons despite having transferred millions of dollars to Russia. The situation led to public discontent, prompting scrutiny of the agreements and cooperation in technico-military matters between Yerevan and Moscow.

Russian Ambassador to Armenia, Sergey Kopyrkin, had previously asserted that nearly all agreements in technico-military cooperation were fulfilled on time. However, conflicting statements from Armenian officials added complexity to the narrative.

Gagik Melkonyan, a member of the ruling majority Civil Contract Faction in the National Assembly, recently disclosed that a batch of Russian weapons had arrived in Armenia, constituting a step forward in fulfilling previously signed contracts. The MoD's acknowledgment aligns with these statements, suggesting positive developments in the supply of military equipment.

Despite the reported progress, a degree of ambiguity remains, as the MoD neither confirmed nor denied the specific details provided by Melkonyan. This leaves room for ongoing speculation and scrutiny regarding the fulfillment of the contracted amounts.

Andranik Kocharyan, Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security, acknowledged the receipt of Russian weapons but admitted that it falls short of the expected quantity outlined in the contracts. Kocharyan expressed confidence in resolving the disparities over time.

The lingering armament issues have been a source of contention, especially given the strategic alliance between Armenia and Russia. The Ministry of Defense's latest statement indicates a positive trajectory, with hopes for further resolution and fulfillment of contracted agreements in due course.


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