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Armenia's Prime Minister Warns Azerbaijan Is Preparing for a New War with Armenia

Armenia's Prime Minister Warns Azerbaijan Is Preparing for a New War with Armenia

BREAKING: In an exclusive interview with France 24, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan expressed deep concerns about Azerbaijan's preparations for a new war. Following a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Germany, described by Aliyev as "constructive," Pashinyan contends that the promises of a peaceful resolution are contradicted by Azerbaijan's actions on the ground.

Pashinyan disclosed Baku's perception of modern Armenia as an "Azerbaijan of the West." According to him, President Ilham Aliyev aims not for a peace treaty based on mutual recognition of territorial integrity but to annex new territories in Armenia.

Addressing accusations that France's military aid exacerbates tensions, Pashinyan dismissed Baku's claims, emphasizing Azerbaijan's significant spending "billions of euros" on its own armament.

Refuting allegations of Russia's interference in Armenian politics, Pashinyan highlighted that Moscow had openly called on the Armenian population to overthrow his government a few months ago. Despite what he deems as "propaganda" against him from Moscow, Pashinyan asserts it has not weakened his position.

A particular source of worry for the Armenian Prime Minister is the recent kidnapping of Russian deserter Dimitri Setrakov by Russian soldiers in Armenia. Pashinyan stated that such illegal acts on Armenian territory would not be tolerated, warning of "consequences" if Yerevan's demands are not met.

Regarding Armenia's participation in the Collective Security Treaty (OCST) dominated by Moscow, Pashinyan revealed it is currently "frozen." Despite this, he clarified that the question of maintaining the Russian military base in Armenia is not currently on the agenda.


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