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Armenia's Top Valued Football Players Revealed

Armenia's Top Valued Football Players Revealed

A new list reveals the top-valued football players representing Armenia. These rankings highlight the most valuable talents in the country's football scene, according to

Eduard Spertsyan, the midfielder from Krasnodar, tops the chart as Armenia's most expensive footballer, valued at 18 million euros.

Next in line is Nair Tiknizyan, the defender from Lokomotiv Moscow, securing the second spot with a value of 7 million euros.

Armenia's Top Valued Football Players Revealed

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the former captain of Armenia and midfielder for Inter Milan, comes third with a value of 6 million euros.

Following them, Lucas Zelarayan holds a value of 5 million euros. Other players in the top ten include Edgar Sevikyan (1.8 million euros), Khoren Bayramyan (1.2 million euros), Tigran Barseghyan (1.2 million euros), and Vahan Bichakhchyan (1.2 million euros).

Notably, the ninth and tenth spots are jointly held by Sargis Adamyan, Artur Galoyan, Ugochukwu Iwu, Grant-Leon Ranos, and Georgiy Harutyunyan, all valued at 1 million euros.

These rankings showcase the assessed values of Armenian footballers, highlighting their significance in the football world as evaluated by


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