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Armenia to Acquire Cutting-Edge Indian-Made Howitzers, Bolstering Defense Arsenal

Armenia to Acquire Cutting-Edge Indian-Made Howitzers, Bolstering Defense Arsenal

Armenia is set to bolster its defense capabilities with the acquisition of India-made MArG 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers, as reported by the Indian Defence Research Wing (IDRW).

Manufactured by Bharat Forge, these howitzers have been described by IDRW as a cutting-edge artillery system characterized by power, precision, and mobility. The MArG 155mm/39 cal artillery boasts exceptional all-terrain maneuverability, capable of negotiating gradients up to 30°. Its 'shoot and scoot' capability positions it as a versatile and formidable asset in contemporary combat scenarios.

Confirming the procurement, Bharat Forge disclosed that the showcased howitzers are designated for Armenia, as reported by IDRW.

IDRW emphasized that Armenia's acquisition marks a substantial milestone for India's defense industry, reinforcing a burgeoning strategic partnership between the two nations. This recent acquisition adds to a series of collaborative ventures, with India emerging as a significant supplier of defense equipment to Armenia. In 2020, Armenia acquired four Swathi mobile radar units from India. Furthermore, in September 2022, a substantial contract valued at $245 million was inked for the purchase of Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launchers, anti-tank rockets, and various types of ammunition.

An earlier report by IDRW indicated that Armenian officials had visited India to evaluate the artillery system and finalize the procurement deal, underlining the seriousness and thoroughness of the collaboration.

The acquisition of the MArG 155mm howitzers shows Armenia's commitment to fortify its defense capabilities while solidifying ties with India in the sphere of defense equipment procurement. The addition of these advanced artillery systems is anticipated to enhance Armenia's readiness and effectiveness in addressing contemporary security challenges.


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