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Armenia to Host 21st OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Autumn Meeting; Azerbaijan Opts Out

Armenia to Host 21st OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Autumn Meeting; Azerbaijan Opts Out

Armenia is set to host the 21st Autumn Meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA) at the National Assembly in Yerevan from November 18 to 20. The theme of the assembly is "OSCE in Times of Crisis: Role of the PA in Responding to Internal and External Challenges."

The decision to hold the event in the Armenian capital was confirmed by the PA standing committee on June 30, during the summer meeting of the OSCE PA in Vancouver, Canada. This decision positions Armenia to welcome approximately 350 Members of Parliament from the delegations of the 57 OSCE member states.

The agenda for the meeting includes discussions on various matters related to the South Caucasus region, with three general commissions set to address key issues. Bilateral meetings between participating nations are also on the schedule.

A noteworthy absence from the assembly will be Azerbaijan, as it has chosen not to participate in the upcoming OSCE PA Autumn Meeting. The reasons behind Azerbaijan's decision were not immediately clear, but the move raises questions about the dynamics between the two nations in the context of the broader geopolitical landscape.

Adding to the intrigue, members of several delegations have expressed their interest in visiting Armenia's borders during the meeting timeframe. This includes areas where the EU mission conducts monitoring, suggesting a keen interest in regional security and cooperation.

The Autumn Meeting is expected to provide a platform for fruitful discussions, fostering understanding and collaboration among OSCE member states during a critical juncture in global affairs. As the Armenian capital prepares to host this event, all eyes will be on the deliberations and outcomes that may shape the future trajectory of regional cooperation within the OSCE framework.


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