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Armenian Dance Icon Gagik Ginosyan Bid Farewell with Emotional Yarkhushta Dance Performed by His Students

Updated: Feb 11

Armenian Dance Icon Gagik Ginosyan Bid Farewell with Emotional Yarkhushta Dance Performed by His Students

Armenia bid a tearful farewell to Gagik Ginosyan, the esteemed dance choreographer, founder, and artistic director of the Karin Armenian Folk Song and Dance Group. The 57-year-old artist passed away from a heart attack on Tuesday, leaving behind a legacy of cultural enrichment and artistic dedication.

On Friday, thousands gathered at the National Centre of Chamber Music in Yerevan to pay their respects to Ginosyan. The venue overflowed with mourners seeking to honor the influential figure who contributed significantly to Armenian folk dance.

During the farewell ceremony, Ginosyan's students paid a poignant tribute by performing the Yarkhushta war dance as his body was taken from the National Centre of Chamber Music. This dance held special significance for Ginosyan, as he had also performed it during his service in the 2020 Artsakh war alongside his fellow servicemen.

The choreographer found his final resting place at the Yerablur Military Pantheon in Yerevan, a location that resonates with the sacrifices made during times of conflict.

Ginosyan's impact extended beyond his artistic endeavors; he served in the 2020 Artsakh war, demonstrating his commitment to both dance and country. His daughter, Tsovinar Ginosyan, shared insights into her father's resilient spirit and the challenges he faced throughout his life.

"Many burdens were added at different stages of his life: the situation in the country, the wars in which he participated," remarked Tsovinar. "It seems to me that these trials that happened in our lives were not the only thing that he could not endure, but the density of his life also affected it."

Tsovinar also shared that since 2020, her father refrained from saying he’s good. When asked how he is doing, his response was always that he’s staying strong. “Now that everyone tells me to be strong, I say that was Papa's word, it was always like that because he never said that he was fine, I never heard that good word from him, and he always said that he was strong,” she shared.

She reflected on his remarkable work ethic, highlighting that Ginosyan lived tirelessly, often refusing to rest despite his family's concerns. Tsovinar shared a touching memory about her father's response when urged to take a break: "If we told him to come and rest for a week, for example, in Jermuk, he would say, you know what they say at the cemetery in Artsakh: I will rest in the cemetery."

Gagik Ginosyan's passing marks the end of an era, but his contributions to Armenian dance and culture will resonate for generations to come.


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