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Armenian Government Allocates Nearly $700,000 to Host UEFA Futsal Champions League Final

Armenian Government Allocates Nearly $700,000 to Host UEFA Futsal Champions League Final

The Armenian government has approved the allocation of nearly $700,000 (AMD 280 million) for the organization of the UEFA Futsal Champions League final, set to take place at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex in Yerevan.

Armenia successfully secured the bid to host the semi-final and final matches, winning over competing countries such as Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. The matches will feature teams including Spanish clubs Barcelona and Palma Futsal, as well as Portuguese giants Sporting and Benfica.

The semi-finals are scheduled for May 3, with the highly anticipated final and the third-place match set to captivate fans on May 5. 

The Armenian government's financial commitment hopes to see a surge in tourism due to hosting such tournaments with passionate fanbases. 

Following the draw scheduled for March 14, tickets for the UEFA Futsal Champions League matches will be available for purchase on electronic platforms, with prices ranging from 1000 to 5000 drams ($2.50-$12.50).

About Futsal:

Futsal is a football-based game played on a hardcourt, resembling a basketball court but smaller than a traditional football pitch, and typically conducted indoors. It shares similarities with five-a-side football and indoor football.

The game involves two teams, each comprising five players, including one goalkeeper. Unlimited substitutions are allowed. In contrast to certain other forms of indoor football, futsal is played on a hard court marked with lines; walls or boards are not utilized. The game employs a smaller, harder, and lower-bounce ball compared to traditional association football. The choice of surface, ball, and rules emphasizes ball control and passing within confined spaces.

Futsal places a strong emphasis on control, improvisation, creativity, and technique, making it a dynamic and skill-centric variant of football.


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