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Armenian Government Demines Berkaber Village in Tavush Region, Resident Expresses Concerns

Berkaber village, Armenia

The Armenian government removed mines in Berkaber village on Monday, April 29 in preparation to surrender more territories to Azerbaijan. One resident who heard the mine explosion speaks to The Armenian Report. 

Radik Zargaryan, a resident of Berkaber deeply involved in cultivating the land, recounted hearing explosions echoing through the village. His immediate reaction was to notify others about the start of the demining process. Zargaryan also provided insights into the proximity of Azerbaijani military positions, showing us the potential risks associated with the demarcation process.


While acknowledging the inevitability of losing land, residents of Berkaber village expressed relief that their homes would be spared from territorial concessions. However, concerns lingered, particularly regarding the vulnerability of Berkaber to direct fire from Azerbaijani forces following the completion of demarcation.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed plans for blasting works extending over one kilometer north of the village. Despite assurances from official sources, residents remained skeptical, with some reporting hearing sounds of detonations without witnessing any visible activity.

An official map released by Armenian authorities outlined the demarcation plans, highlighting the areas earmarked for clearance. Notably, residents raised objections to what they perceive as a unilateral concession, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive, mutual, and bilateral approach to demarcation.

Zargaryan mentioned the existing challenges, such as the inability to cultivate certain lands due to direct fire threats from Azerbaijan. This shows the enduring impact of past wars on the daily lives of Berkaber's inhabitants.

Meanwhile, tensions are very high in neighboring Kirants village, where residents have faced road closures for ten consecutive days. Uncertainty loomed over the fate of their homes and lands, prompting a resolute stance among the community members. Despite the prevailing uncertainty, residents remained steadfast in their commitment to defending their homes and lands.

As the demarcation process unfolds, the eyes of The Armenian Report remain on the evolving situation in Tavush. 

For further insights into the ongoing developments, refer to The Armenian Report’s accompanying video coverage, providing firsthand accounts and perspectives from the affected communities.


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