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Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem Warns of 'Greatest Existential Threat' in Its History

Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem Warns of 'Greatest Existential Threat' in Its History

The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem has issued a grave warning, citing the gravest existential threat in its 16-century history. The alarm stems from a controversial real estate deal, which the Patriarchate has terminated, yet the developer has pressed forward with demolition activities. The Israeli police now demand the Armenian community members vacate the premises, further exacerbating tensions.

The Armenian Patriarchate voiced concerns over a developer seeking to purchase around 25% of the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. Despite the Patriarchate's cancellation of the deal, the developer has proceeded with demolition works, turning a blind eye to the legal stance taken by the Patriarchate.

Expressing dismay and anguish over the unfolding events, the Armenian Patriarchate accused the developer of employing aggressive and provocative tactics. These include the destruction of property, hiring heavily armed individuals to incite chaos, and unauthorized removal of infrastructure within the Armenian Quarter.

Notably, the absence of permits from the municipality for the demolition works has raised eyebrows, yet the police, rather than intervening against the unauthorized activity, have chosen to escalate the situation by demanding the evacuation of the Armenian Community from the premises.

"The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is under possibly the greatest existential threat of its 16-century history," the statement by the Patriarchate emphasized. "This existential-territorial threat fully extends to all the Christian communities of Jerusalem."

The Patriarchate's plea transcends its own immediate concerns, urging solidarity among all Christian communities in Jerusalem. They view the current escalation as a dangerous step that could imperil the Christian presence in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

The situation has sparked alarm and calls for immediate intervention from international observers, religious leaders, and advocates for peace in the region. Concerns are mounting over the potential implications for the rich historical and cultural heritage preserved within the Armenian Quarter and the broader ramifications for religious coexistence in Jerusalem.


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