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Armenian Shooters Win Gold and Silver Medals at ISSF Grand Prix in Slovenia

Armenian Shooters Win Gold and Silver Medals at ISSF Grand Prix in Slovenia

In a remarkable skill and precision, Armenian shooters excelled at the ISSF Grand Prix international tournament held in Ruse, Slovenia, with Nare Gabrielyan emerging as the gold medalist in the 10m air pistol competition for young girls.

The tournament, showcasing top international talent, saw Gabrielyan reach the final round with an impressive score of 570 points on the first day of competition. In the final showdown, she demonstrated her exceptional shooting skills, securing the gold medal with a total of 239.7 points. Gabrielyan's outstanding performance not only secured her victory but also earned her the title of a master of sports of international class, achieving the required 570-point standard.

Elmira Karapetyan, another member of the Armenian shooting team, added to Armenia’s success by winning a silver medal in the Olympic discipline. Competing in the 10-meter air pistol shooting category, Karapetyan secured the second-place position with a commendable score of 239.6 points, further highlighting Armenia's dominance in the event.

The achievements of Gabrielyan and Karapetyan show the strength and talent of the Armenian shooting team on the international stage. Their success brings pride to the nation and showcases the dedication and training that go into mastering the precision sport of shooting.

In the men's category of the same discipline, Benik Khglatyan and Gevorg Melkonyan also represented Armenia. While Khglatyan secured the 12th position, Melkonyan claimed the 27th spot, contributing to Armenia's overall presence in the highly competitive field.

The ISSF Grand Prix in Slovenia serves as a platform for shooters worldwide to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. The achievements of Nare Gabrielyan and Elmira Karapetyan highlight Armenia's commitment to excellence in shooting sports and its ability to produce top-tier athletes.

Congratulations to our winners! 


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