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Armenian Weightlifter Garik Karapetyan Becomes Youth World Champion

Armenian Weightlifter Garik Karapetyan Becomes Youth World Champion

Guadalajara, Mexico witnessed an outstanding performance by Armenian weightlifter Garik Karapetyan, who secured the title of youth world champion during the recently concluded World Championship. The Armenian youth weightlifting team concluded their remarkable run at the championship, with Karapetyan's stellar display adding another gold to their collection.

Stepping onto the competition platform on November 22, Karapetyan, already an adult European champion, showcased his prowess in the weight category up to 102 kg, representing Armenia in this high-stakes event.

Displaying exceptional strength and skill, Karapetyan clinched the small gold medal in the snatch exercise with a remarkable lift of 175 kg. His dominance continued as he replicated this success in the push exercise, once again lifting 203 kg, securing another gold medal. Combining both events, Karapetyan finished with an impressive total of 378 kg, claiming the gold medal in the dual event.

The win by Karapetyan contributed significantly to the Armenian youth weightlifting team's overall success at the World Championship. With Karapetyan's gold medal, the team's tally soared to three gold medals in total.

Celebrating the collective achievements of the Armenian youth weightlifting team, it's important to note that alongside Karapetyan's triumph, Alexandra Grigoryan and Gor Sahakyan also emerged victorious. Grigoryan and Sahakyan were declared world champions, adding to Armenia's glory at the prestigious championship.

Overall, the Armenian youth weightlifting team boasts an impressive haul of 7 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze medal, underlining their dominance and proficiency in the sport at the global level.

The stellar performances by Karapetyan and his teammates serve as a testament to Armenia's rising talent in weightlifting. Their exceptional achievements at the World Championship showcase the nation's dedication, skill, and commitment to excellence in the field of weightlifting, leaving a mark of pride and accomplishment for the Armenian sporting community.


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