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Armenians in the Diaspora Encouraged to Support Yan Girls in "Junior Eurovision 2023" Voting

Armenians in the Diaspora Encouraged to Support Yan Girls in "Junior Eurovision 2023" Voting

Armenians worldwide are urged to rally behind their representatives, the dynamic Yan Girls group, as they gear up to compete in "Junior Eurovision 2023." Starting November 24, the global Armenian community has the opportunity to cast votes for Armenia's talented performers via the website.

Yan Girls, consisting of Nane, Nancy, Kamila, Suzanna, and Aidan, are poised to illuminate the international stage of "Children's Eurovision" with their anthem "Do It My Way." These young stars, inspired by iconic K-pop artists, have intricately woven Armenian cultural elements into their music, promising a performance brimming with youthful vigor, innovation, and confidence.

Embracing a compelling message of self-assurance and the celebration of individuality, the Yan Girls' song "Do It My Way" advocates for self-belief and empowerment. The group encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness and strive for excellence, encapsulating the spirit of empowerment and self-expression.

The selection of Armenia's representatives for "Junior Eurovision 2023" underwent a rigorous process orchestrated by Public Television, culminating in the Yan Girls' selection. Their distinct blend of Armenian heritage fused with contemporary pop resonates, garnering anticipation from audiences worldwide.

Despite the challenges Armenia faces, the Union of European Broadcasters warmly welcomes Armenia's participation in the competition, acknowledging the nation's commitment to showcasing its musical prowess on a global platform.

With the "Junior Eurovision 2023" set to be hosted in Nice, France, on November 26, the Armenian diaspora stands united in anticipation, ready to lend their support to the Yan Girls. The group's performance promises to be an embodiment of Armenia's rich musical heritage and artistic ingenuity.

Armenians across the globe are encouraged to visit and cast their votes in support of the Yan Girls, ensuring Armenia's strong representation in "Junior Eurovision 2023." The Armenian community eagerly anticipates an unforgettable performance, demonstrating the talent and creativity of the nation's young musicians on the international stage. Stay tuned for the Yan Girls' stellar performance, a testament to Armenia's cultural richness and artistic innovation.


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