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Armenians Mobilize Nationwide, Standing Strong in Voskepar Village

Armenians Mobilize Nationwide, Standing Strong in Voskepar Village

Since March 25th, a group of Armenians has gathered in the village of Voskepar in the Tavush Province of Armenia. Their mission: to stand alongside their fellow Armenians residing in Voskepar during a time of uncertainty and challenge.

Among the organizers of this solidarity movement is Suren Petrosyan, President of the Democratic Consolidation Party. The group's presence in Voskepar, has not gone unnoticed, prompting The Armenian Report to travel to the village and document the unfolding events.

In an interview with The Armenian Report, Petrosyan emphasized the strategic importance of Voskepar, both for the statehood of Armenia and national security. He highlighted the village's pivotal role as the vanguard of resistance, stating, "Voskepar residents were the first to stand up and rebel."

Petrosyan urged for unified support, declaring, "It is necessary to stand by the residents of Voskepar at this moment so that this process reaches its logical end. This is already nationwide. If it is a nationwide crisis, then the representatives of all layers of the nation should be here."

Plans are in progress to establish a headquarters for Armenian statehood in partnership with Voskepar residents. Petrosyan articulated, "Together with the residents of Voskepar, we will soon establish a headquarters of the system for Armenian statehood... we will provide a unified front to coordinate the upcoming activities."

The resolve of Voskepar villagers is unwavering, with Petrosyan noting, "All the villagers are very combative, indiscriminately, all of them will not back down even an inch... no resident will go back even a millimeter at all."

As the community of Voskepar stands united in the face of Azerbaijani threats of occupation, their steadfast determination serves as a beacon of hope for Armenians nationwide.


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