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Audit Chamber Chairman Raises Concerns Over Armenia's Failing Digitization Strategy

Audit Chamber Chairman Raises Concerns Over Armenia's Failing Digitization Strategy

Armenia's digitization strategy faces a scathing assessment as Atom Janjughazyan, Chairman of the Audit Chamber, highlighted the terribly low performance of the nation's digitization strategy. Speaking at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs of the National Assembly, Janjughazyan highlighted the dire state of the country's digitization efforts.

The Audit Chamber's chairman lamented the lack of timely and comprehensive implementation of the stipulated ten measures outlined in the digitization strategy. Notably, none of these measures have been fully executed within the prescribed timelines.

Janjughazyan criticized the inadequacies within the digitization strategy, remarking that it fails to embody a comprehensive approach. He emphasized the absence of initiatives focusing on digital transformation within critical sectors such as the economy and public administration. Furthermore, he highlighted the absence of a structured timeline and accountability framework, denoting a lack of designated responsible individuals for overseeing the strategy's execution.

The chairman pointed out the fragmented nature of the strategic measures, indicating that various departments have independently developed and implemented sector-specific initiatives instead of a cohesive, unified approach.

Moreover, Janjughazyan expressed dissatisfaction with the changes implemented by the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, asserting that these alterations do not align with the overarching national vision for digitization. This misalignment between the implemented changes and the core national objectives of digitization signifies a significant hurdle in achieving a coherent and impactful digitization strategy.

The revelations made by the head of the Audit Chamber cast a shadow over Armenia's digitization roadmap, raising pertinent questions about the efficacy, coordination, and alignment of efforts towards digital transformation.

The lack of synchronized measures, absence of sector-wide digitization initiatives, and the discordance between implemented changes and national digitization goals underscore the urgent need for a strategic overhaul in Armenia's approach to digitization.

As Armenia aims to advance in the digital realm and harness the benefits of technological progress, rectifying the deficiencies highlighted by the Audit Chamber becomes imperative. A concerted effort towards developing a unified, comprehensive, and synchronized digitization strategy aligned with national objectives is crucial to propel Armenia into a digitally enabled future.


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