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Azerbaijanis Have One Year Left to Marry Biological Siblings, Cousins, and Nieces Before Ban Takes Effect

Azerbaijani wedding

Starting July 1 of next year, a new law will be in place in Azerbaijan that bans marriages between close relatives. The Milli Majlis, Azerbaijan's parliament, recently passed this law during its third and final reading. This new rule is part of changes made to the country’s Family Code, according to reports from

The law now clearly states that marriages are not allowed between brothers and sisters who share the same biological grandparent or grandmother. This also applies to marriages between cousins and nieces who are biologically related.

Another important change in the Family Code involves the age of consent for marriage. Previously, minors could marry at a younger age if there were valid reasons. However, this clause has been removed. Parliament members pointed out that this rule often limited the rights and freedoms of minors, as the criteria for what counted as valid reasons were unclear.

With the new changes, the minimum age for marriage in Azerbaijan is set firmly at 18 years. This move aims to protect the rights of minors and ensure that all marriages are between consenting adults who are not closely related.


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