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Beloved Dance Maestro and Founder of Karin Ensemble, Gagik Ginosyan, has Passed Away at 57

Beloved Dance Maestro and Founder of Karin Ensemble, Gagik Ginosyan, has Passed Away at 57

It is with deep sadness that we share the passing of Gagik Ginosyan, a cherished figure in Armenian culture and the creative genius behind the Karin Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. Ginosyan's life was filled with dance, tradition, and a commitment to bringing people together.

Ginosyan touched the hearts of many with his incredible talent and dedication. During the Second Artsakh War, Ginosyan left his craft and went to the battlefield to defend his country but later used dance as a healing force for his community.

Known for his ability to gather young Armenians in public spaces, Ginosyan's traditional Armenian dances became a source of unity and pride. Videos of these performances traveled worldwide, connecting Armenians everywhere through the universal language of dance.

In a time when divisions threatened to pull Armenians apart, Ginosyan's belief that dance knows no language became a powerful message. Through his art, he inspired unity, reminding everyone that they share a common heritage and should stand together as one.

Ginosyan's honors, including the Knight of Golden Medal, speak to his significant impact on Armenian culture. As the founder of the Karin Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, he worked tirelessly to preserve and share Armenian dance traditions.

His passion extended to education, as seen in the public dance classes he organized, the first Armenian DVD-dance tutorial he created, and the introduction of National Song and Dance into school curricula. Collaborating with the Ayb Foundation, Ginosyan founded the Academy of National Song and Dance, ensuring the legacy of Armenian dance lives on.

Ginosyan's departure leaves a void, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of those who admired him. As we say goodbye to this extraordinary dance maestro, we celebrate a life that inspired unity, preserved heritage, and continues to dance in the hearts of Armenians. May his memory be a source of comfort and inspiration to us all.

He was 57 years old – born on August 3, 1966 in Akhaltskha, Georgian SSR.


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