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Breaking News: Armenia and Azerbaijan Agree on Three Key Principles for Peace and Normalization

Breaking News: Armenia and Azerbaijan Agree on Three Key Principles for Peace and Normalization

Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed upon three fundamental principles that pave the way for normalization of relations between the two nations. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made the announcement during a committee hearing in parliament on the 2024 state budget, highlighting the significance of these principles in achieving a comprehensive peace treaty.

"The three main principles of normalization of relations and peace with Azerbaijan are agreed upon. And if the parties remain committed to these agreed principles, the signing of the treaty on peace and normalization of relations becomes realistic," stated Prime Minister Pashinyan.

The first principle involves the mutual recognition by both countries of each other's territorial integrity. According to the agreed terms, Armenia's territory is defined as 29,800 square kilometers, while Azerbaijan's territory is recognized as 86,600 square kilometers. These figures are sourced from the latest USSR encyclopedias. The specifics of the demarcation and delimitation process will be determined through further discussions and agreements between the parties.

Pashinyan emphasized the importance of historical accuracy, stating, "The presence of maps recording the situation when the Alma-Ata Declaration was adopted is of key importance in the delimitation process. Essentially, the parties have the maps that reflect those realities. Thus, in case of political will by the sides, it is possible to swiftly and effectively move forward in this process as well."

The second principle centers on the delimitation process, which will be carried out based on the Alma-Ata Declaration. This means that the administrative borders that existed between the Armenian SSR and Azerbaijani SSR during the time of the USSR's collapse have become the state borders between the two countries. The inviolability of these borders is recognized by both parties, further solidifying the foundation for peaceful coexistence.

The third principle focuses on opening regional connections based on the sovereignty and jurisdiction of both nations. These connections will operate on the principles of reciprocity and equality. The Armenian government has outlined its position in the Crossroads of Peace concept, which emphasizes the need for mutual cooperation and understanding to foster regional stability and prosperity.


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