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'Don't Leave Me Alone. Vagif Khachatryan Represents Entire Armenian Nation'–Daughter's Heartfelt Cry

'Don't Leave Me Alone. Vagif Khachatryan Represents Entire Armenian Nation'–Daughter's Heartfelt Cry

The daughter of Vagif Khachatryan, a 68-year-old medical evacuee from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) who was abducted by Azerbaijani border guards while under the care of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has made a heartfelt plea for assistance in ensuring her father's safe return. The incident has raised concerns and sparked condemnation, with the Armenian foreign ministry categorizing the actions of Azerbaijani authorities as a potential war crime.

Vera Khachatryan, the daughter of the abducted man, along with a gathering of demonstrators, has convened outside the United Nations Office in Yerevan, imploring the international organization to intervene and facilitate her father's release. Vagif Khachatryan's ordeal took place as he was being transported to Armenia for urgently needed medical treatment by the ICRC.

Vera Khachatryan, herself a displaced person due to the 2020 war, shared her family's anguish during a heartfelt statement. "I am all alone here, on the other side of Hakari Bridge. My sisters, brothers, my mother, and all other relatives are in Artsakh. Please, dear countrymen, don’t leave me alone. This pain isn’t only mine; Vagif Khachatryan is the personification of the entire Armenian nation," she expressed with emotion.

According to Vera Khachatryan, her father was en route to Armenia for a critical heart surgery, accompanied by her sister. The distressing incident unfolded at the Hakari Bridge checkpoint, where Vagif Khachatryan's passport was confiscated, and he was directed for further examination. Despite efforts by ICRC representatives to prevent his removal, he was forcibly taken to an undisclosed location.

"My father has been factually kidnapped," stated Vera Khachatryan, highlighting the grave concern over her father's safety and well-being since the incident. The family's attempts to establish contact with him have been unsuccessful, and their worries have only deepened.

The ICRC reached out to Vera Khachatryan's sister on the day of the abduction, informing her that Vagif Khachatryan had been located in a Baku hospital. However, the family remains anxious, asserting that the Azeri authorities have fabricated false allegations against Vagif Khachatryan. These claims, including one suggesting a connection to Samvel Babayan, have been vehemently denied by his daughter.

Appealing to the United Nations for support, Vera Khachatryan expressed her hope for a swift and safe resolution to her father's situation. "This organization has levers all across the world, doesn't it? I am asking not only the UN, I am asking everyone to bring back my father. Let everyone use their levers. Let them return him like the way they handed him over to the Azerbaijanis. My father is no criminal; he has led a dignified life. No one has the right to call him a criminal," she emphasized, underscoring the urgency of the matter.

As the international community watches developments closely, concerns over Vagif Khachatryan's welfare and calls for his safe return continue to echo through diplomatic channels and humanitarian efforts.


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