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EU's Special Representative Defends Armenia's Right to Arm Itself for Self-Defense

EU's Special Representative Defends Armenia's Right to Arm Itself for Self-Defense

The European Union's Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia, Toivo Klaar, has voiced support for Armenia's right to arm itself in a recent interview with Armenpress. Klaar's remarks come in response to criticism from Azerbaijan regarding Armenia's procurement of weapons for defense.

Klaar emphasized that every sovereign nation has the inherent right to safeguard its territory and procure necessary weaponry for self-defense. He highlighted that numerous countries worldwide acquire arms from abroad to fortify their defenses, emphasizing that there is nothing extraordinary or inappropriate about this practice.

Responding to Azerbaijan's criticism of EU support for Armenia through the European Peace Facility, Klaar clarified that such assistance is aimed at bolstering areas where Armenia perceives vulnerability, particularly in cybersecurity. He underlined that this support is not targeted against any specific nation but rather intended to strengthen Armenia's sovereignty, which he believes aligns with the interests of Armenia, its neighbors, and the broader international community.

Addressing Azerbaijan's concerns about EU efforts to supply weaponry to Armenia, Klaar reaffirmed the EU's support for Armenia's collaboration. He welcomed Armenia's eagerness to enhance its ties with the European Union and explained that any potential aid provided through the European Peace Facility aims to reinforce Armenia's sovereignty in vulnerable sectors. Klaar reiterated the EU's desire to witness a robust, self-assured Armenia that maintains positive partnerships not only with the EU but also with its neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan.

Klaar's statements also addressed Azerbaijan's larger military budget compared to Armenia's and the continued arrival of airplanes with ammunition at Baku airport. He highlighted the inherent right of every nation to fortify its defense capabilities and stressed that the purchase of weaponry for territorial defense is a standard practice adopted by nations globally.

These remarks from the EU's Special Representative signal the EU's stance on the matter, emphasizing the importance of respecting Armenia's sovereignty and its right to bolster its defenses. The statements also reinforce the EU's commitment to fostering stability and constructive relationships within the South Caucasus region.


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