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EXCLUSIVE: French Ambassador Demands Immediate Release of Detained Citizen in Azerbaijan

EXCLUSIVE: French Ambassador Demands Immediate Release of Detained Citizen in Azerbaijan

Recent developments in the case involving the detention of French national Martin Ryan in Azerbaijan, accused of “spying”, have intensified diplomatic tensions between the two countries. Olivier Decottignies, the French ambassador to Armenia, has voiced his apprehension to The Armenian Report regarding Ryan's continued detention by Azerbaijani authorities.

Decottignies, addressing The Armenian Report, reiterated France's stance on the matter, stating, "We confirm the detention of our fellow countryman by Azerbaijani authorities since the beginning of last December. We are in close contact with his family, and the French Embassy in Baku, as part of consular protection, has been able to visit our fellow countryman twice. They intend to continue doing so and have made a new request to the Azerbaijani authorities for this purpose, in accordance with international law."

Asserting the arrest's arbitrary nature, the ambassador emphasized, "As we have already indicated to the Azerbaijani authorities, we consider this detention to be arbitrary and demand the immediate release of our fellow countryman."

The case has evolved into a diplomatic issue between France and Azerbaijan, leading to reciprocal actions by both nations. Azerbaijan's declaration of two French diplomats as "persona non grata" and France's corresponding action regarding two Azerbaijani diplomats further exacerbates the diplomatic strain caused by Ryan's arrest on alleged espionage charges.

The ongoing tension shows the seriousness of the situation, prompting diplomatic efforts from France to secure Ryan's release and maintain communication with Azerbaijani authorities in pursuit of a resolution to the escalating dispute between the two countries.


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