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Georgia Refuses 3+3 Format; Hopes for Peace Agreement Between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Tbilisi

Georgia Refuses 3+3 Format; Hopes for Peace Agreement Between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Tbilisi

Georgia has firmly rejected the 3+3 format, opting for direct bilateral engagements and aspiring to establish a tripartite framework involving Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, according to Nikoloz Samkharadze, Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Georgian Parliament. Speaking on Public Television, Samkharadze emphasized Georgia's unwavering commitment to regional problem-solving despite its refusal to participate in the 3+3 talks.

"Georgia's refusal to participate in the 3+3 format talks does not mean that it is withdrawing from regional problems," stated Samkharadze, clarifying that Georgia's refusal was rooted in Russia's ongoing occupation of Georgian territories and the lack of recognition of Georgia's territorial integrity by the Russian Federation.

The rejection of the 3+3 format underscores Georgia's proactive approach in normalizing relations between Yerevan and Baku. Samkharadze highlighted Georgia's aspiration to become a leading regional player, emphasizing the country's eagerness to create an atmosphere in the Caucasus conducive to both political and economic cooperation.

"We have a very clear position: until the occupied territories of Georgia are de-occupied by Russia, and the Russian Federation recognizes the territorial integrity of Georgia, we will not participate in the meetings in this format," Samkharadze firmly asserted.

Georgia's diplomatic efforts are concentrated on building bilateral ties with Turkey and pioneering a Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan trilateral relationship. By avoiding formats that involve nations violating its territorial integrity, Georgia aims to foster an environment conducive to cooperation, emphasizing both political stability and economic development in the region. The hope for a peace agreement to be signed in Tbilisi underscores Georgia's commitment to facilitating dialogue and promoting peace in the South Caucasus region.


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